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Friday, June 26, 2009


How To Play - Cranium Game - Game Rules

Cranium is the hot, outrageously fun board game that brings family and friends together through a variety of activities celebrating your whole brain. Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, trivia chap, or wordsmith, Cranium gives everyone a chance to shine.

Divide into teams of two or more. Each team chooses a game piece and places it on the purple Planet Cranium® labeled S T A R T.

Give each team a pad and pencil.

Now you’re ready to play Cranium!

Set out the four character card boxes:

Creative Cat®, Word Worm®, Star Performer®, and Data Head®.

Set out the die, timer, and tub of Cranium Clay®.

Cranium is the outrageously fun party game for four or more players that will get you and your team sculpting, acting, puzzling, and even spelling backwards to win!

The object of the game is to be the first team to move clockwise around the board and into Cranium Central™, where your team will attempt its final activity for the win!

On your first turn, and every time you’re on a purple Planet Cranium, you get to choose which box your card will be drawn from.

In Cranium you roll at the END of your turn, after you have successfully completed an activity.

If you’re successful...Roll the die and move to the next color indicated on the die. You must stop on every purple Planet Cranium even if your roll would otherwise take you past it. If you roll purple, zoom ahead to the next Planet Cranium.

Your turn is now over. Play passes to your left. If you don’t succeed... Don’t roll or move. You must wait until your next turn and try again. Your turn is now over.

On every Planet Cranium you have a chance to get on the fast track. If your team is successful on the first activity you do on the Planet Cranium, hop on the inner fast track. Otherwise, take the outer scenic path.

Getting on the fast track scenic path Planet Cranium fast track star performer® creative cat ® word worm®

Your team does the activity described on the card. 2 data head®

The team to your right draws your card and reads it aloud to you. Your card is drawn from the character card box that matches the colored space your team’s game piece is on.

ON YOUR TURN At the start of the game, the team with the person whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

A Club Cranium card pauses the game for an outrageous all-play activity, with all teams competing to earn a bonus roll. The first team to shout out the correct answer before time runs out wins an immediate bonus roll.

After the Club Cranium is played, the winner of the Club Cranium card takes one bonus roll and moves. Then the team whose turn it was when the Club Cranium card was drawn takes its regular turn.

Just follow the instructions on the card.

If you draw Club Cranium card while you’re on a Planet Cranium…

•If your team doesn’t win the Club Cranium and it was your first activity while on a Planet Cranium, don’t worry——you can still try for the fast track on your regular turn.

•If your team wins the Club Cranium and it was your first activity while on a Planet Cranium, roll and move onto the fast track.


Everyone plays this Club Cranium Cloodle! Choose one artist from each team to draw clues on paper with no talking, letters, or symbols. The first team to guess the answer wins an immediate bonus roll. If this card was drawn on your turn, you get another card after the winner’s bonus roll. cloodle® thing

Enter the Cranium Circle on a roll at the end of a turn. Move to the name of the character card box that matches the color on the die.

If you roll purple, you can choose your starting point on the circle.

Now wait for your next turn.

Each time you successfully complete an activity in the Cranium Circle, keep the card, move clockwise to the next character name, and wait until your next turn to do an activity from that box.

Club Cranium cards count, too. If you win a Club Cranium card while you’re in the Cranium Circle, keep the card if it’s one you need. If the card you won matches the character name you are on, move clockwise to the next character name.

If you are not successful, stay where you are and try again on your next turn.

Once your team holds one card from each character card box, move into Cranium Central.

On your next turn, the other teams collectively choose the character card box for your final activity.

If you are unsuccessful, you must try again on your next turn.

If your team is the first to successfully complete an activity in Cranium Central (Club Cranium cards count, too), congratulations! You’ve won Cranium!


  1. this sounds like fun..thanks for a great review

  2. I love game nights!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  3. I played Cranium only once with friends and it was a blast! Stopping by to Welcome you to SITS!! :)

  4. Game nights are great!

    I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  5. We always enjoy playing games but you know we have never played Cranium. We are going to have to check it out!

    I am stopping over to welcome you to SITS! So glad you've joined the SITStahood!

  6. What a fun site you've got! We love Cranium, but don't play it nearly enough. Stopping by from SITS to say hi & welcome! Have a great day.

  7. I LOVE this blog My daughter is 3 1/2 and really just started getting into games and following directions. The games for Toddlers section is amazing I will be back to this spot all the time, I did not see a spot to follow.

  8. What a great blog! Stopping by from SITS to say Hi and Welcome to the gang!! =)


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