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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swing the Statue

I found another fun game you and your family can play! Swing the Statue. I hadn't heard of this game, can't wait to play with my hubby and little ones.

Swing the Statue:

Swing the Statue is a game that is more entertaining than competitive. Isn't that a nice change? It's been played by generations of children.


Children (and adults) of all ages can enjoy Swing the Statue.

Where to Play

A grassy lawn is best for Swing the Statue.

How to Play

One player is chosen to be "it." He or she takes each of the other players in turn and, holding them by a wrist or hand, swings them in a circle and then lets them go. The swung player must freeze as soon as possible and hold that position as long as possible. The first player to break the freeze becomes "it." Since the first player swung must hold the position longest, begin with the oldest child first. The entertainment value comes from seeing the strange positions that players end up in and watching them try to hold those positions.

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