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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sherbet recipes are often overlooked frozen treats made with fruit juice rather than heavy cream. Lighter and healthier than ice cream but less trendy than sorbet or ices, sherbet is frequently used in dessert and punch recipes or as a sweet treat on its own.

In Britain, sherbet is actually an effervescent fruit drink or fizzy powder rather than a frozen dessert. The term “sherbert” is frequently used interchangeably with sherbet and, in the United States, either term invariably refers to a range of frozen treats. The most popular flavors in sherbet recipes are orange, lime, and pineapple, though strawberry, grape, watermelon, and other fruit flavors are favorite choices as well. Many companies manufacture rainbow sherbet varieties, with multiple fruit flavors mixed together in colorful swirls for a delicious blend of classic tastes.

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