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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Play Sorry

Sorry is a classic board game first popularized in the United States in 1934. It is descended from the many Pachisi variants (like Parcheesi), and involves moving four colored tokens from the start to the finish box at the end of the board. Gameplay uses cards to determine the way in which the pieces move, and it's possible to end up knocking opponent pieces back to the start (hence the name "Sorry!").

Step 1. Choose the color you wish to use and place your four pawns in the start box that corresponds with your color.

Step 2. Select a card from the deck and move one of your pawns according to the instructions. You must select a pawn that can move the exact number of spaces. For example, if a pawn is two spaces away from home, but you draw a card that instructs you to move three or more then you much choose one of your other pawns.

Step 3. Take advantage of slides whenever they present themselves. You must land precisely on the start of the slide in order to use it.

Step 4. Take advantage of cards that instruct you to move back by choosing a pawn that is close to the beginning. Often you can play a backward card and end up, instead of far from the home, a single move away.

Step 5. Be aware of the opportunity to send opponent's pawns back to their start. If you draw a card that would place one of your pawns on the same space as an opponent, you get to move your piece there and move your opponent's pawn to his start.

Step 6. Try to get your pawns into the "Safety Zone" (the last 5 squares closest to your home) as quickly as possible. Since they are immune to pushes (being sent back to start), you'll be able to leave them there until you draw a card that gets them home.

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